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Hello! I am a half Swiss, half Chilean designer and developer with a diverse skill set and a passion for creating original, fun and intuitive web experiences. With a background in Multimedia Design and a BA in Interface Design, I combine my creativity and technical expertise to create effective and memorable projects.

As a JavaScript Developer, I specialize in using a wide range of tools and technologies including HTML, CSS, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Astro, Tailwind, Postgres, Supabase, and more. I am experienced in building accessible websites, writing unit tests and integration tests, setting up ci pipelines, and leveraging the power of Github actions, to ensure high quality, maintainability and performance.

In addition to my development skills, I have extensive experience in various creative disciplines. My background in Multimedia Design has equipped me with knowledge in typography, graphic design, 3D, motion design, and illustration, among other areas.

Throughout my career, I have developed my expertise in Web design, development, and interface design, accumulating multiple years of professional experience in those fields. In parallel, I have worked various visual identities, design assets, animations, illustrations, and more for a wide range of projects.

My personality traits drive my work ethic and approach to projects. I strive to use my skills for meaningful and purposeful aims. I am very curious, extremely passionate, and deeply interested in perfecting my skills every day.

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Full name
Lucas Vogel Urzúa
Swiss, Chilean
Birth date & place
21.06.1993 in Lausanne, CH
German, French, English, Spanish