Swiss artist Charlotte Stuby, born in Vevey in 1989 and currently residing in Brussels, specializes in crafting textile installations that seamlessly blend functionality with narrative flair. Employing techniques such as “appliqué,” quilting, embroidery, and tapestry, Stuby constructs immersive realms infused with symbols, references, and recollections drawn from both popular culture and her personal journey. Her pieces are distinguished by a dynamic color palette, drawing inspiration from heraldry and identity symbols to create captivating contrasts.


In developing her portfolio , I opted for a visual language that mirrors her distinctive artistic style. The interface incorporates a minimal, fun, and unique aesthetic, utilizing her primary color palette as a nod to her art style. It structures its contents in an unconventional and intriguing navigation, while remaining easy to use. The goal was to create a visually impressive yet minimalistic portfolio. Utilizing Next.js and Decap CMS, I empowered Charlotte to autonomously update the content, ensuring seamless and independent control.

Personal Role

As a freelancer, I led the design and programming of the portfolio from start to finish. Maintaining continuous communication with Charlotte, I ensured alignment with her vision, needs, and stylistic preferences. The collaborative process was smooth and friendly, resulting in a project that successfully embodies her artistic expression.


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Airbnb vs. Berlin
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Airbnb vs. Berlin