The project Airbnb vs. Berlin explores the intricate relationship between the growth of Airbnb listings and its impact on long-term rental availability and housing affordability in Berlin. Conducted by Alsino Skowronek, Jonas Parnow , and myself, the research delves into the complex dynamics created by Airbnb’s popularity as an accommodation platform within the local housing market. The objective is to provide comprehensive insights into the consequences of this phenomenon.


The creation process began with gathering and analyzing data. We used techniques like web scraping and API integration to gather detailed information on Airbnb listings, rental prices, and other relevant factors. We then applied statistical methods and visualization techniques to reveal important insights. This included analyzing the concentration of listings in different streets and neighborhoods, understanding the correlation between Airbnb growth and rental prices, and examining the impact on the availability of long-term rentals in the context of a rising number of short-term accommodation options. Finally, we presented the article’s final text and visualizations on a carefully designed webpage that is easy to share.

Personal Role

In this project, my main role was to offer design and programming expertise rather than focusing on content editing. I played an active part in scraping, cleaning, and analyzing the data, as well as designing the article page and creating assets. The technical side of things included programming the webpage with HTML, CSS, and JS. Additionally, I used D3.js to create data visualizations that effectively communicated the research insights.


The project was featured in various German media, including Zeit Online ( 1 , 2 ), Die ZEIT, Süddeutsche Zeitung , Tagesspiegel , Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Wired , Wired (Interview) , Vice , , Radio Eins and . It was also nominated for the Information is Beautiful Award , Designpreis Brandenburg , CartoDB Insight: A Data and Design Competition , and Grimme Online Award .


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