Fast Assembled Furniture (FAF) is a functional and mobile sideboard that offers personalization, extension, and effortless assembly and disassembly without the need for tools. The aim of this project is to provide customers with an great online shopping experience while effectively communicating the innovative features and benefits of the FAF sideboard.


The initial step in creating an appealing webshop involved developing a brand identity, logo, and visual language, inspired by the modular and minimalistic aesthetic of the furniture. Once approved, I progressed to wireframes and high-fidelity screens.

The webshop’s design mirrors the FAF sideboard’s versatility, using visual elements that echo its shapes. This, combined with compelling imagery, product descriptions, and interactive features, helps customers understand the sideboard’s value.

Finally, I programmed the website using TypeScript, Next.js, React, and Stripe for payments. I established a versatile design system applicable across the application. Details like customizable page colors further enhance the user experience and makes it memorable.

Personal role

This project was undertaken as a freelance effort, independently managed with close collaboration and ongoing communication with the founders. My primary emphasis has been on crafting an immersive and intuitive online space that is distinctive, enjoyable, well-suited, and memorable. The founders encouraged thinking outside conventional boundaries, resulting in an outcome that is unconventional, appealing, clear, and self-explanatory.


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