Insight is a dedicated online resource for accessing psychosocial support services in Berlin. This platform is a result of collaboration between CityLAB , Berlin’s public innovation laboratory, and the Senate Office of Science, Health, and Personal Care ( SenWGPG ).

On this interactive map, individuals with psychosocial challenges such as depression, abuse, addiction, and others can locate suitable institutes and organizations to assist them in their journey towards recovery. The primary objective of this platform is to consolidate the diverse array of support services available throughout Berlin into an easily accessible and filterable interactive map.


The map was crafted with a mobile-first design philosophy, offering a minimalist and straightforward navigation experience. It underwent multiple iterations to ensure its universal comprehensibility and usability. To facilitate data updates for the Senate, we integrated GRIST, an online data table interface that provided an API for seamless content management. This approach ensured that information about the institutions could be managed smoothly and independently. It was built with an open-source ethos and released under the MIT license to allow greater transparency and contribution from the public.

Personal Role

In this project, I’ve taken on the responsibility of supervising both the design and technical implementation of the platform. My role involved facilitating effective communication with various stakeholders and guiding the project through diverse design stages, encompassing tasks such as wireframing and crafting high-fidelity screens. Working in tandem with my two colleagues, I developed the front-end using TypeScript, React and Next.js.


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