The Open Data Informationsstelle (ODIS) is Berlin’s Open Data Information Office, dedicated to promoting the value of open data and its use for public innovation. As a key player in Berlin’s open data ecosystem, ODIS provides resources, expertise, and guidance to organizations and individuals seeking to leverage open data for policy making, urbanism, and societal benefits.


In creating the ODIS page, my primary goal was to organise the website as a digital space that not only presents the organization’s mission and projects but also serves as an accessible and informative hub for all things related to open data. I attempted to strike a balance between a refreshing and modern aesthetic while remaining simple and user-friendly.

The website was built using Astro , a cutting-edge static site generator that delivers exceptional performance and developer experience. By leveraging MDX (Markdown with the ability to create custom layouts and components), I empowered the ODIS team to manage content efficiently and independently.

Throughout the development process, I prioritized accessibility and performance, ensuring that the website adheres to common standards, including a dark, high-contrast, and motion-reduced mode, following the users’ preferences and enhancing the overall experience.

Personal Role

In this project, I expanded upon the existing corporate identity and initial design concepts developed internally at ODIS. Building upon their established branding, illustrations, and initial screen designs, I crafted a cohesive and visually appealing user interface and experience for the website that aligned with ODIS’s brand identity. Collaborating closely with the ODIS team, I translated their vision into a functional and user-friendly website.

On the technical front, I took over the development from start to finish, leveraging Astro and vanilla JavaScript to create a seamless and high-performing experience. This involved implementing features such as content management via MDX files, optimizations for search engines and performance, and ensuring responsiveness across different devices and screen sizes.

The result is a modern, accessible, and content-rich website that serves as a valuable resource for individuals and organizations interested in open data and its potential for driving positive change.


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