Ubermetrics Delta is a data processing tool developed by Ubermetrics Technologies , my former employer from 2012 to 2015, and a leading media and data intelligence platform. Ubermetrics Delta analyzes and monitors a vast amount of online and offline information in real time. It processes data from over 460 million sources, and visualizes the linking structure across media segments to identify relevant information. Ubermetrics Delta also provides features such as PR performance tracking, viral path measurement, sentiment analysis, and influencer analysis, all presented through a modern dashboard.


The evolution of Ubermetrics Delta was not just a journey of innovation but a comprehensive redesign and modernization process. Initially relying on Backbone.js and a view templating library, my team and I embarked on a transformative path. We systematically migrated the entire codebase to a modern React implementation, incorporating robust unit and integration tests along the way. This restructuring aimed to enhance the software’s maintainability, intuitiveness, and aesthetic appeal. The process also involved optimizing the Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline for increased efficiency. Beyond the codebase, I took on the responsibility of improving the user interface, enhancing the overall user experience, and overseeing a complete rebranding of the company. However, following the company’s acquisition by the UNICEPTA Group in 2021, the application underwent a complete redesign, resulting in a significant departure from its appearance during my time there.

Personal Role

While at Ubermetrics Technologies, as a UI/UX designer and developer, I immersed myself in web development, with a specific focus on JavaScript and frontend technologies. As the company transitioned from relying on Backbone.js to adopting a more contemporary React implementation, I seized the opportunity to familiarize myself with diverse coding paradigms. Beyond coding, my involvement extended to enhancing the software’s user interface and overall user experience, as well as designing a unique and modern brand identity.


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Airbnb vs. Berlin

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